Ross Jeffries - Speed Seduction Secret Training

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Subject Area: Seduction, persuasion, NLP training.

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Rating: 8.1/10

The Speed Seduction Secret Training Collection is a great box-set for mastering the art of seduction and puling. It contains over 100 girl-pulling videos, mini-seminars with MP3′s, 48+ coaching calls and a $197 discount voucher for Ross Jeffries live seminar.

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So you’ve got over the dreaded ‘approach anxiety’, you get the girl’s number and you’ve been out on a couple of successful dates, so what’s next? You may be thinking of making the relationship a physical one and you’re not quite sure how to communicate that to this great girl without scaring her away. That’s where The Speed Seduction Secret Training Collection comes in as it’s the ideal guide to quickly learning how to seduce. The process is great for beginners as it is easy to grasp and provides you with powerful openers and hints that will guide you to the path of success. In this innovative DVD collection, Jeffries uses REAL people who are sharing their real success stories, as well as their challenges and low points in every one of the videos. This is a great way to see what not to do and what seems to work like clockwork. You’d be amazed when you realise how easy it is to make things happen without saying much. As Jeffries always says ‘actions speak louder than words’. You will learn that if you want to succeed with women, you have to get to grips with whatever it is that makes you anxious, nervous, tongue-twisted, or otherwise stops you in your tracks every time you approach a woman you like the look of. In this program, Jeffries delves into this through four commanding teaching modules, in which he responds frankly to detailed challenges posed to members of his elite Coaching Program. He also stresses that when it comes to succeeding with women, there have to be two parts to your game. One of them is your inner game and the other is your outer game. Your outer game manifests itself through how you carry yourself not only to women, but to the world in general. While the inner game is more about what motivates you from the inside and what drives your thoughts, intentions, and values toward getting the type of woman you really want. He looks closely at this through four powerful modules and takes new users through easier steps with the aid of level barriers, ranging from amateur to professional. You’ll find over 500 pages of transcripts – inner game, pick up and seduction blueprints – for you to harvest and savour. It really is the best girl-getting advice from the world’s most experienced pick up and seduction teacher, coach and guide. The most popular part in the series is what comes next. After you’ve gotten your girl-getting game handled, and you’ve finally stepped up both your inner and outer game and opened the conversation with her, there’s still so much more to do. You’ll be turning pages like crazy in this section as it’s time to harness her vibe and have her join you on an adventure of fun, excitement, and pleasure. Want to know more? For a few dollars outlay, you could do a whole lot worse than purchasing the Speed Seduction Secret Training Collection!