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vin dicarlo pandoras boxVin DiCarlo started out as another run-of-the-mill PUA. He started producing material, and first made a splash with the “DiCarlo Escalation Ladder” – a simple breakdown of all sorts of kino, categorizing it and ordering it in a way to provide simple guidance for the guy who needs advice on how to escalate kino. You simply figure out where in the ladder you are, and it gives you some basic choices for logical next kino steps. It’s a very useful tool for the guy who’s not too comfortable with kino.

He then came up with “The Attraction Code,” which is available both as a PDF and as an audiobook version (which consists of the same text as the book but has an extra chapter). This book is a good general introduction to pickup, and having it available specifically as an audiobook version is a nice benefit since many of us study pickup at the gym or in the car.

More recently, he’s brought out some new material under the title “Pandora’s Box.” It’s a series of video and ebooks based on an interesting premise: that there exist eight fundamental types of women, which require drastically different approaches when it comes to game. Pandora’s Box has been one of the most talked about PUA products for several years now due to it’s incredible insights into the art of pickup.

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His “8 fundamental types of women” idea is a somewhat controversial idea within game circles. While some schools would advise you to observe and calibrate, DiCarlo’s system is based on asking a woman three simple questions to help you identify which of 8 types (which he gives clever names like “The Playette” or “The Connoisseur”) she fits into, and to make specific adjustments based on her type.

This is undoubtably a useful tool for guys who are still honing their observational skills, but more experienced PUA’s are likely to find it limiting. Contrary to what DiCarlo claims, an experienced PUA doesn’t treat all women the same – he makes specific changes in his game based on her specific reactions. But the notion that different women need to be treated differently is important, and skimmed over in many beginning PUA books, and DiCarlo deserves kudos for attacking that notion head on.

And by teaching his students to read targets early in the set and make adjustments, DiCarlo is helping them to hone some vital fundamentals, which should pay off in the long term whether or not you fully agree with his typology.

(That being said, if you do purchase this system, please check all the fine print on the web page. There have been some aspiring PUAs who signed up for this system not realizing that they were signing up for a recurring charge on their credit cards. Nothing wrong with setting up a recurring charge, and it’s nice that DiCarlo offers his students a chance to spread out the cost of the program – but make sure you know what you’re buying before you buy it.)

Overall DiCarlo is an interesting guy making strong choices about how to teach pickup. He’s definitely worth checking out.

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