Vin Di Carlo - Pandoras Box

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Subject Area: Getting inside the mind and desires of women.

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Rating: 9/10

This product teaches everything you need to know about understanding women, what they really want from a guy, their deep down wishes and desires and much more. Not only does it explain these concepts thoroughly but also how to use this knowledge in order to pick up women.

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I was a little sceptical when I first came across Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box. With so many “How to attract women” ebooks and DVD’s out there, I thought to myself was this just another gimmick to take my hard earned cash? How WRONG I was!

I can bet my bottom dollar you’ve listened to a friend mutter, “I just can’t work her out?” Well, this is why DiCarlo’s system is so extraordinary. He manages to not only to explain how to get into the mind of a woman, but also what type of woman she is. Once you have figured this out with his step-by-step instructions, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of seduction.

After reading through the ebooks in next to no time, I went straight out and tested Vin DiCarlo’s theories on a couple of girls from my own social circle. The difference in how they now reacted to me was mind blowing. Instead of looking at me as the “nice” friend, there was a whole lot of flirting and both were vying for my attention like never before!

What is so remarkable about Vin DiCarlo’s approach? In his easy-to-use system, he explains that there are eight personality types of women. Working out and then ultimately playing up to her exact personality type will increase your chances of seducing her exponentially.

We’ve all heard the saying “women go on what they hear and not what they see.” DiCarlo takes this one step further by showing us how to engage and attract every type of woman. Different women have varying reactions to things such as sexual tension, being tactile, romance and what you’ll learn is to always be one step ahead of the woman you are trying to seduce.

And the beauty of DiCarlo’s system is not just the initial seduction, he teaches you how to keep a woman’s interest beyond the first meeting. With being able to understand a woman’s mind better, you will know how to control the follow up game better. Knowing when to text and phone and what language she will respond to best.

Once you have read through the system, you will know how to approach each different type of woman and how to flirt with them. What each type of woman is attracted to and how to play on this. Also, and VERY importantly, what each type is turned off by and how they will respond to sexual advances.

Through the years, men have never been able to understand a woman’s psychology. Vin DiCarlo blows this wide open and now gives you all the tools to not only go and get into the mind of perspective girlfriends, but also have female friends looking at you in a whole new light.

I’m certainly glad I went with my instincts and bought Vin Carlo’s Pandora’s Box. I am confident enough now to approach ANY girl in ANY situation and be confident I’ll leave with her phone number. Until I read it, I was just “that guy.” Now, I feel and act like, “the guy.”