Voice Tonality

The way you speak conveys a tremendous amount of information about who you are and how much value you have. Using your voice properly can help you hold a woman’s attention, and make what you say more attractive, almost regardless of the words coming out of your mouth. Follow these simple guidelines to improve the way women respond to your voice.

Speak Low

Women are attracted to masculine traits, and men tend to have lower voices then women. Therefore, it follows that women will respond better to your voice if you speak lower in pitch. This doesn’t mean that you should speak in your best Barry White impression, rather, that you need to find the lowest natural part of your speaking voice and emphasize that.

Singers are often taught about singing from their belly, and you want to do the same thing. Experiment – repeat a simple phrase, and see if you can feel it coming from your nasal cavity, your throat, your chest, and your belly. As you get used to those different feelings, you’ll notice that you can emphasize one or the other. You want to be speaking from the chest and gut, which will sound lower and more resonant than speaking from your throat or head.

Speak Slow

When someone panics, they usually speak faster. They’re in a rush, worried that they’re not going to be able to say every thing they want to say. This is especially true with guys approaching attractive women. The words tumble out of them in a rush because they’re afraid the girl won’t let them finish. What they don’t realize is that the rushed speech communicates low value.

Alpha, dominant males speak slowly. They know that they can take their time because people will listen – even hot women. Therefore, slow down. Take your time, and trust that what you’re saying is worth your target’s time.

Mystery even takes this to an extreme that can seem almost ludicrous. He will insert a pause before a key word – a pause that sometimes seems big enough to drive a truck through. “So my friend opens the package and inside is a … book.” Practice this technique, and notice how people tend to be drawn in by that little pause.

Be aware of the tendency most people have to speed up when they get nervous, and squash this habit. In fact, when you notice yourself getting nervous, feel free to just stop, take a deep breath, and then continue at a slower pace. It’ll make you sound more in control, and that will help you feel more in control. As a result, you’ll be far more attractive to women.

Be Direct

“Ums” and “Ahs” and words to that effect are brutal value-killers. They make you sound uncertain and weak. Work to eliminate these from your diction. Luckily, when you feel yourself saying these things, you can usually just say nothing. The delay can function the same way as the pause Mystery intentionally inserts into his dialog.

Speak Loud

An alpha male is not afraid of the sound of his own voice. He knows that what he is saying is worth listening to. AFCs, on the other hand, tend to be constantly worried and afraid to speak up for themselves. Practice speaking just a little louder than you’re used to. Project your words so people can hear you easily.

Following these simple tips – loud, low, direct, and slow – will have a huge impact on the amount of attraction you can build in a woman just by talking to her. Start working on your voice today and see your results skyrocket!

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