Zan Perrion Review

zan perrionFrom the moment you click on Zan Perrion’s Ars Amorata website, you realize that you’re experiencing something different in the pickup community. Cutting edge, sleek, modern web design may not seem important, but it says that this web site is designed by somebody who understands how to pay attention to the details.

The photos on the splash page aren’t just your typical club girls. These are striking photos. Heck, there’s a video clip which is reminiscent of Chris Marker, and hits me on a fundamental artistic level every time I see it. This is not your typical PUA web site.

But the level of class and sophistication at work is not just skin deep. You won’t find any forced email sign-ups to view content, mandatory subscriptions to spammy email lists. You won’t find nested pop-up windows which make you feel like you got caught looking at a scummy porn site. Zan Perrion treats his customers like adults, and doesn’t try to browbeat them or trick them into buying his products.

Quite frankly, it’s a refreshing change of pace.

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As for the content itself? Zan’s focus is simple: he trains people how to be naturals. It’s almost not fair to call him a PUA instructor – he’s more of a life coach, teaching his students how to be their best selves, knowing that becoming their best selves will make them highly attractive to women. Getting laid, In Zan’s world, is a natural consequence of embracing your full potential, so rather than focus on women, focus on yourself, and the women will come.

One key to this is Zan’s emphasis on getting rid of so-called “limiting beliefs” – identifying and eliminating beliefs that students may have which stop them from even trying. Once students start recognizing and understanding their own limiting beliefs, progress often comes very rapidly.

Sounds pretty appealing, no?

Zan has a trio of video programs, but before talking about them, it’s worth pointing out how he is doing something new. His “Ars Amorata 90 day Program” is an online bootcamp, consisting of missions, discussion, and a private, closed community where students get specific, direct feedback. I haven’t had the opportunity to try this, yet, but it looks fascinating – a real chance to move online pickup education beyond the standard videos-and-audios techniques used by everyone else. (In the age of torrented content, it’s also a really smart way to run a piracy-proof business).

This is consistent with Zan’s deeper, more sophisticated style. As is his personal life coaching. No, it’s not cheap, but you can get one-on-one time with the man Style praised as one of the best in the business. That’s not an opportunity to be ignored.

Which isn’t to say that Zan doesn’t have great videos. Quite the contrary, he does. The first is “Art of the Natural,” “The Monte Carlo System,” and “Presentation Series” deal with all you need to know to become successful with pickup. There is an excellent mix of the theoretical and the practical – Zan doesn’t like to get bogged down in memorizing routines, but he shows you what you need to say when you open, and more importantly, what you need to do. You’ll get practical examples as well as clues for how to make them yourself. “The Monte Carlo System” is probably the best one to get started with.

Expect to work hard and wrestle with complex concepts related to your core sticking points. This is not a paint-by-numbers approach to pickup, but the rewards for your work will be substantial.

All in all, if you’re looking for something different, a little more sophisticated, and particularly if you’re tired of all the games so many other PUA schools play, it’s hard to imagine you’ll do better than you would with at Zan Perrion’s training products.

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